Alhambra Casino (Aruba)

Alhambra is a modern delight. If you are in Aruba, the best place to stay is this resort cum casino because you would be able to stay here in a reasonable. This resort is on the white sand beach which will take you back in the down memory lane and still you wouldn’t find anything more beautiful than this. With all the amenities available at your door step, your stay in this resort would be the most glorious experience you can ever experience. Have a look at the resort as we will take you through the resort in detail.

  • Key Facts: The basic thing about this place is that this place encourages people to play at their casino. Of course, the nature is exotic, but without entertainment, the whole atmosphere would be dull and won’t have any value. You will be able to book luxury resorts within budget and live like a king for a day or two or more. There are many shops within the premises so you can enjoy and shop as much as you want. The rooms here don’t need any introduction as you would be able to hear the sound of ocean all day long. Think how you would feel by sitting in your room and listening to the sound of the ocean and enjoying with your family. Nothing can be better than this.
  • Amenities: The casino is the most lucrative place in Alhambra. But just adjacent to the casino, you will discover many dining outlets, shops that sell apparels, jewelry, cosmetics etc. You would also be able to take the advantage of full service spa and if you want to look good, you can peep through the salon as well. If you like to shop clothes, there are options for that also. You can go to Aruba Aloe and Bijoux Terner Boutique. If you like to eat great food, you can go to Baskin-Robbins (for ice creams), Dunkin Donuts, Juan Valdez Café, Hungry Piranha, Subway etc. You can also enjoy golf if you would like to play at all. The big nine-hole golf course will welcome you there.
  • Casino: Once you start playing at Alhambra, you won’t be playing anywhere. That’s what the Alhambra casino made of. There are more than 450 slots. And you would be able to play Video Poker and also multi game machines. So playing should be non-stop. Moreover, the atmosphere will encourage you to enjoy your heart out without losing a second. You will also be able to play table games. Classic games such as blackjack, roulette, craps or Let it Ride, Mississippi Stud, Three-Card poker and many other games you can play at Alhambra casino. If you’re a seasoned player, you don’t need to worry; you can pick up any game and start playing. If you’re a new player, you don’t need to worry either because at Alhambra casino, there is place for everyone. The best way to enjoy the game of casino is to involve your family. If your family came with you involve them in the game and see the magic of casino games rubbing off on you.

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