Come to Mayfair in London, the heart of Europe

London is the city which I can attribute to culture, history, art, shopping, and beautiful architecture, London is a city with glorious past. Mayfair is the prominent region in London which represents the lively nature of Europe giving it a classical touch. The saying goes like if a man has seen all of London, he has seen all of life.

Entertainment and fun in Mayfair London

Literature and folklores come alive at Mayfair London when stage is set for the plays of Shakespeare. One evening I was walking through a lane adjoining Shakespeare globe, as I decided to be the part of the show, what I saw was all class, the theatre was running Macbeth and the actors were outstanding. Similar to Shakespeare globe is regents park open air theatre.

One can return to his childhood days after visiting Piccadilly Circus which is at walk able distance from Mayfair, London. I met a native Englishmen who advised me to go for a ride in London eye which was a fabulous ride and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience of viewing London from such a height.

The night life of London sets a example of rest of the world as it is unparallel at visitor’s service. Mayfair’s pubs and casino are famous for their vivacity and serene interiors. Casino’s of Mayfair have high capacity and offer great services to visitors.

Spending in London

Mayfair, London is the fashion capital of the world and attracts fashion savvy people from all over the world. I found many exotic boutiques Bond Street and Knightsbridge. London has the capacity to cater fashion needs of variety of people as the varieties of clothes and accessories available are humongous. Most of the spend thrifts love to spend their in popular markets of London which include Portobello, petticoat lane and Camden.

I also happened to visit Olympic village which is the main attraction of the area and a must visit for a sports freak.

Cold and damp weather of London is not easy to adjust with especially if you are an outsider. What can you do to feel warmer is purchase some warm clothes from Whitefield mall.

Health and relaxation in London

Walking on the streets of London I felt the air is pure and hygienic. The reason behind the pollution free air is the presence of green landscapes around London. These landscapes include St James, Hyde, and Green Park. Mayfair, London is jogger’s dream world, as the climate, turf, and surroundings are perfect for running and jogging.

London has fabulous spas to relax your body where masseurs are thorough professionals and services well within budget.

Eateries in Mayfair London

The Washington Mayfair hotel serves variety of cuisines to its customers starting from Indian, Thai, Japanese, Turkish, French, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc to its customers. I observed that Mayfair, London has perfect balance between street food and fine dining experience. At last I can say that London is a city which can be revered with the capital of the world.

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