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As a leading company in roll-forming wheel production, Jingu has the most advanced wheel manufacturing and inspection equipment in the world, which assures product accuracy. Jingu develops new technology and optimizes production processes in order to introduce new technology and products to market that are of high quality and high standards. Many techniques of Jingu are superior to those of the competition. Jingu is the only Chinese wheel manufacturer who has car wheel rim flow forming technology. By flow forming areas of the rim where less force is applied and making the areas thinner, this technology helps to reduce wheel weight. Up to 20% of the mass of each rim may be reduced. In the production process, technical parameters like runout, dynamic balance, harmonics, and leak test, are inspected and monitored to assure product performance.

The floor area of the High-End Factory is approx 400,000 ft2. After the second phase is completed, there will be four wheel production lines and the annual capacity will reach 6 million pieces. This project has introduced advanced equipments and toolings from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Spanish, Japan and so forth. Meanwhile, it has world-class process and technology, such as rim flow forming technology, lightening weight by using high-strength material, and high vent wheels. From receiving raw material to shipping finished parts, all production processes are automatic·Industrial robots are utilized during pressing, welding, and handling processes. In-line machines do 100% inspection to strictly control product quality.


The High-End Factory will greatly enlarge the production scale of present products. Meanwhile, by recruiting foreign engineers with rich experience in management and R&D, Jingu has tremendously improved the product features and quality, which makes it qualified for supplying world-class OEM customers, like SHVW, GM, etc.