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Experimental testing center at the national level

        The testing center of Jingu is a technological institution which specializes in testing, measuring, and analyzing wheels. It has been equipped with all necessary equipment and instruments. What’s more, advanced equipment were imported to conduct wheel performance & function tests, material performance tests, film performance tests, layout, and so on. Specific test items include wheel cornering fatigue test, radial fatigue test, 13/30/90 degree impact test, inbalance test, weld penetration test, nut seat rigidity test, steel content analysis, tensile test, metallographic analysis, heavy metal content analysis, salt spray test, high and low temperature test, ultraviolet aging test, color difference test, gloss tets, adhesion test, hardness, gravel test, film impact test, acid resistance, alkali resistance, CMM inspection, runout test, dimension measuring, sparkling spectral analysis, X fluorescence analysis, and so on.

Laboratory equipment