Turn your dream into reality – sight-seeing and casinos in London

London is a city that needs no introduction. Most people from all over the world dream to visit London at least once in their life time. If you can get a chance you should visit London and voyage around to enjoy the city and play casinos. Do you want to know more about sight-seeing and casino in London? Read on.

Brief about London

London is the capital of United Kingdom. It’s also the most populous city of United Kingdom. London’s population from the latest report is 8,673,713. As we all know London is a global city in commerce, education, arts, healthcare, media, tourism and transport. London is very diverse and many types of people love here. In Greater London, more than 300 languages have been spoken.

Things to see in London

There are many things to see. In the following paragraphs we’re bringing the best few places for you to visit in London.

  • British Museum: If you want to visit British Museum, make sure that you reach there early, because there’s a lot to see in the museum. You can see Rosetta Stones, Mummies, Elgin Marbles and many more. Without visiting the place, it’s difficult to describe in words. In one word it’s huge and if you visit this place, it would be a once in a lifetime experience.
  • National Gallery: It’s a lovely free museum to experience a huge collection of art. If you can read a little about art and culture of ancient times or history, it would definitely help. You can also enjoy many sculptures and pieces of art.
  • Tower of London: The best time to go here is early. If you reach early you would be able to see Crown Jewels. Then you can take Beefeater tour which is for 45 minutes. There’s a lot to see, but these two stand out.
  • Tower Bridge: The tower bridge is something that every tourist wants to see when they visit London. You can take a leisurely walk on the bridge and enjoy the magnificent moments there.

Things to do in London

If you visit London and don’t play casino, then one major part would be missing from your visit. If you have never played casino or love to play casino, this is your chance. In London, there are more than 20 casinos where you can play. If you like to play casino and love drinking martini while playing, visit Mayfair. If you want to get an experience of Las Vegas casinos, you can go straight to Casino at the Empire.
If you like to play poker, even then London is one of the best places to be. The most popular poker rooms in London are the Fox, the Vic and the card room at the Empire.
If you want to explore more casinos, you can visit the Hippodrome Casino at Leicester Square, the Ritz Club Casino at Piccadilly, Napoleons Casino London at Leicester Square, Les Ambassadeurs Club at Hamilton Place, Fox Poker Club at Shaftesbury Avenue and Aspinalls Casino at Curzon Street.
All you need to have your willingness to play casino and poker and you can go to any place you like mentioned above.