Experience the nostalgia of Casino at Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo means a larger district in informal sense. It’s located on the base of Maritime Alps with French Riviera. Monte Carlo is known as “an international byword for the extravagant display and reckless dispersal of wealth.” This is a super popular place for gambling and people who love casino.
Brief about the city
Monte Carlo is a city of wonder. It’s so beautiful that many Hollywood movies used this place as their prime location. Monte Carlo is famous for Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, many world championship boxing bouts and European Poker. The best part of Monte Carlo is its tourist resorts which are grandeur and best in Europe.
Things to see in Monte Carlo

  • Oceanographic Museum: It’s one of the main attractions of Monte Carlo. If you visit this unique museum, you’ll see that the aquarium is in the basement. And there’s a café in the roof top. If you go with family it’s great place to visit. The best part of the museum is the touch pool with sharks.
  • The private collection of antique cars of H.S.H. Prince Rainer III: If you’re a car lover, you can understand the value of it. Yes, not everyone would be interested to visit this place, but this place is uniquely for car-lovers. You can go back to history and would be able to discover the fascinating old cars in this private collection. In this museum (sort of), you’ll be able to discover luxurious cars, oddities, polar expedition vehicles and even formula-1 cars. The most astounding part is that that these cars are all in proper working condition.
  • Monte Carlo Harbor: In the harbor, you will see plenty of boats. You will also be able to enjoy the nice weather and enjoy the good vibe of people around you. It’s a perfect place if you want to offer your eyes some fun and exhilaration.

Things to do in Monte Carlo
If you’re in Monte Carlo and haven’t played Casino, you’re really missing out on something. Monte Carlo has a great history of Casino. In 1873, a person named Joseph Jagger made casino popular in Montel Carlo. He called it “breaking the bank at Monte Carlo.”
In Monte Carlo, you’ll be able to play variety of casino games. From different kind of roulette to stud poker, blackjack, craps, snap, baccarat and even slot machines are available. Casino De Monte Carlo is the best and most traditional place to play casino in Monte Carlo.
Other than that there are few places which you should definitely visit for playing casino –

  • Le Ruhl Casino: This is a perfect place for gamblers because there are more than 300 slot machines in Le Ruhl Casino. You need to have a passport and you should be at least 18 years to road to get an entry.
  • Monte Carlo Bay Casino: With 150 plus casino slot machines this casino is also a great place for gamblers. You need to wear good clothes to get an entry.

Sun Casino: Situated in the midst of stunning Fairmont Monte Carlo, you will be able to play variety of games in Sun Casino. If you love good food and enjoy the night life, there are many restaurants and disco available nearby.