Reno; the hub of casinos, poker, and gambling

Lake Tahoe the center point of Reno

Reno is a beautiful city which has a wonderful blend of modernity, culture, history art and nature. Reno being a city in Nevada State of USA is a popular tourist destination. The best place to visit in Reno is Lake Tahoe, which I 40 miles from California.

What I felt about this scenic lake is that it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, valleys and trees. Another drawing point of this lake is its crystal clear water, in which I was able to see my face. Visitors often come here for skiing. The lake has also hosted the 1960 Olympic winter games.

For skiing there were number of resorts like heavenly ski resort and Squaw Valley which can make your summer vacations special. I loved the sprawling beaches as there were lot of activities to do like boating and fishing.

I would recommend visitors to visit emerald bay state park which is exceptional and filled with surprises.

Forget all other races, this is air balloon race

September in Reno is special as huge numbers of visitors gather at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park to witness the great Reno balloon race.

The sky is seemed filled with colors as more than hundred colorful air balloons fly across the skies of Nevada.I got to know that the finishing point of this race is Truckee meadow which is several miles towards south. There are also many kid friendly activities which fill the atmosphere of the park with joy and happiness.

Automobile, Discovery and art museums

I found out that Reno is very closely connected to history as it has all sorts of museums. One such museum is automobile museum, which has more than 200 vehicles from the history. These vehicles include horseless carriages, cars of celebrities etc.

I was told by the guide that these cars are from the personal estate of Bill Harrah, who was instrumental in introducing gambling and casino culture in Nevada region.

Automobile museum is the perfect destination for car lover and car enthusiasts from all over the world gather to see the masterpieces of the foregone era.

Later I visited discovery museum where the wonders of science were on demonstration. It was a very knowledgeable tour as I also got to know about the water cycle.

This science museum is also known as Terry Lee Wells Nevada discovery museum.

After viewing all this I landed up in art museum, which is known as Nevada Museum of Art. It is oldest cultural centre of the city established in 1931.

The museum is divided into four sections namely art of great west, work ethic, altered landscape photography, and contemporary art.

Casinos and night life of Reno

When I asked my guide about the place where I can spend my night and relax, without any single thought he said Atlantis Casino.

Though on the way there were numerous casinos but he insisted me to visit Atlantis casino as it is the most lively and vivacious among them.

The Casino has good restaurant, bars, and believe me a lot to gamble.

The Animal ark

The Animal Ark is more than a zoo for animal lovers as animals are allowed to move freely within the compound. The place is loved by kids as there are also many open play areas and activity areas for kids.

Animal Ark is opened for visitors from March till November.

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