Reno – Visit the old capital of gambling

Reno is a city a small city of the USA. It’s also called “the biggest little city in the world.” Reno is famous for two reasons. First, it’s a place for casinos, so if you love gambling this is the place you must visit. Second, it’s known as the birthplace of Caesars Entertainment Corporation. The city lies in the desert and at the foot of Sierra Nevada.

Brief about the city

The city is the most populous in Nevada after Las Vegas. The population of the city is approximately 437,673. Reno is a place where rainfall is very low. But still it features a steppe climate. Prior 1950s, Reno was the gambling capital of the United States. Still it is a hub of casinos and gambling and people from all over US comes to play casino in Reno.

Things to see in Reno

  • National Automobile Museum: If you love cars, you need to visit this place in Reno. You would be able to see a wide variety of cars and they all are in good shape. The place is bit run down, but if you visit the museum, it would look completely out of place. You would be able to enjoy the beauty of the cars that were made back in 1940 in the US, like Model T. In all American Cars, you’ll be able to enjoy some ordinary and some extraordinary cars. Top Brass RR is mentionable among all the cars.
  • Reno Aces Ballpark: Have you ever been a stadium where a major league of football if getting played? If you visit Reno Aces Ballpark, you would have the same sort of feeling. You can enjoy the environment. If you want to order food you can order, but the food is little overpriced. You can also enjoy special firework shows on Friday nights.
  • Truckee River Walk: If you like to stroll around a beautiful place, this is the place you must visit. You can walk up and down to the Lake Tahoe and can also see people swimming and rafting in the lake. It was a peaceful scene where you can get lost for some time.

Things to do in Reno

You’re in the city that was the gambling capital of the US and if you don’t play casino, wouldn’t you miss out on something? Of course you will. Check out the following places where you can play casino as much as you want.

  • Peppermill Casino: This is the best casino ever in Reno. You can enjoy as many games as you want to play and there’s a nice hotel along with the casino. You will be able to enjoy great Italian music and can have delicious foods. The customer service is also amazing.
  • Casino at Silver Legacy Resort: If you want to go back in time machine and want to experience the casino of 1950s, here’s your chance. Casino at Silver Legacy Resort, you can enjoy the beauty of the old casino and the resort was magnificent. There’re lot of places to eat, shop. Drink coffee and have a chat and moreover a great chance to play casino games as much as you want.
  • Atlantis Casino: This casino delivers excellent service and the luxury it offers wouldn’t be found anywhere else. There’re craps table and you can also play sharpshooter games. This is a best place to visit with family.