Casino, Silicon Valley and highest lifestyle in the USA: Visit San Jose

San Jose is a great city of California. If you visit San Jose, you would be able to enjoy the sight-seeing as well as you can play as much casino as you want. Have a look at city and its interior; you are going to love this city for its rich culture and entertainment opportunities.

Brief about San Jose

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California. And it is also the third largest populous city in California. As per the latest report, the population of San Jose is 1,015,785. San Jose has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. If you visit San Jose, you will be able to enjoy almost 301 days of sunshine. If you love money, you should know that a large concentration of technology, engineering computer and microprocessor around San Jose is called Silicon Valley. Cost of living in San Jose is highest in California and also in the USA.

Things to see in San Jose

Let’s have a look the places you can visit in San Jose –

  • Municipal Rose Garden: This is a world class garden you would ever visit in your lifetime. The colors of the flowers are mind-boggling. You will also be able experience a beautiful rose garden. In the middle, you will see a fountain. In truest sense, you will feel, you are middle of a piece of heaven. If you visit San Jose, you shouldn’t miss this garden.
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum: The museum is mesmerizing. It is one of the largest storehouse of Egyptian antiquities in western US. If you are an art lover, you will surely love this place. There is a lot to see and you would not find much crowd also. If you want to visit this place, take your time and then visit the whole place. See every artifact and enjoy their rich history. A guided tour would always help.
  • Children’s Discovery Museum: If you have kids and you are visiting San Jose with family, then this is best place you can visit. This place will keep your kids busy for hours. And by seeing your children giggling you will remember your childhood days. They have everything that children can have fun with – water area, bubble play, fire truck, ambulance, arts area, face painting, corn doll making and many more. If your children are under 6-7, they will enjoy their heart out. But even your kids are 9-10 years old; they also have something here to get busy for few hours.

Things to do in San Jose

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