San Jose is the only place where fun never ends

Rainforest eco-adventure

San Jose is the best place for having adventure in the forest. I booked a 6 in 1 adventure package which included zip lining, riding the canopy tram at height, nature walk to see butterflies birds and dogs, walking on the hanging bridge.

The forest is on the banks of the Molinete River, which enhances the biodiversity of the region. I love tropical forests and this is the perfect place to be as there are gardens and provisions for nature walk.

Bicycle tour and Cartago tour

Cartago is the most beautiful city of San Jose, and my guide told me that the trip is not completed if I do not see the city. Cartago is filled with historic buildings and parks.

Cartago’s main attraction is Parque Espana, which is oldest park in San Jose. I also visited the national liquor a country which is a beautiful yellow building often referred to as yellow house by the locals. Cartago is a beautiful city, and the best way to see a city is through bicycle ride across the city.

My guide was a very talented one as he told me history about every important building that came on our way.

We also visited the coffee fields and learned how coffee reaches to our cups at home. After visiting coffee fields, we were at the central market to taste the local cuisine. All in all Cartago city tour was an memorable one.

The adventure park

San Jose has gone great miles in preserving the natural habitat of the region. I visited the adventure park and well known Cinco Ceibas Reserve. The lush green forest is a place to be for people who are not close to nature and has spent their entire life in cities and urban areas. The forest reserve also has elevated boardwalk to get the view of the forest from the top. Horseback ride, oxen wagon, and kayak boat ride. Huge ceiba trees of the forest are the specialty as they are the life source to the biodiversity of the forest which includes birds, flowers, animals, etc.


The night life of San Jose is a lively as the day time, as there are plenty of enjoyment spots for people who want spend memorable nights at San Jose. The centre point of attraction is Casino Matrix, which is the most entertaining casinos in town. The casino has exquisite restaurants, luxurious bars, and sprawling resort.

Open air rainforest viewing

While I was visiting Atlantic rainforest, I was recommended by the fellow tourists to ride an aerial tram to get the best view of the forest. Believe me it was a magical experiencing sailing on height in an aerial tram. The guide and the staff of the forest were extremely generous as they kept on sharing the important inputs about the forests with the tourists.

The forest has wide range of birds and other animals which are an instrumental part of San José’s ecology.

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