Venetian is a restaurant which has something for everyone. If you visit Las Vegas and especially with family, you would see no hotel and casino have so much of varieties in one place. Here’s what you would get if you visit Las Vegas and stay in Venetian Resort Hotel Casino –

  • Feeling of royalty: Who doesn’t like to feel like a queen/king? If you stay in this hotel and casino, you would feel like that you are one of the members of a modern kingdom. The customer service and treatment are such. Visit the hotel to experience the feeling of royalty in real sense.
  • Services: You will be offered big rooms because all the rooms in Venetian Resort Hotel Casino are prodigious in size. But ask the attendant to clean the room before you enter. The beds in the rooms are very cozy and spacious. You will have a lot of space to relax and sit in the room. The toilet is nicely maintained. It’s a nice five star hotel where you can order any sort of foods and get served. The only thing is there is no turn down service. Outside the suits, you will be able to take the advantage of two big food courts and several restaurants. You will also find two gyms in the premises if you’re health conscious. Moreover they have spa services as well. And spa restaurants serve healthy foods as well. You will also get free Wi-Fi and if you want to store luggage at the hotel you can do so if you have a prior check-out.
  • Casino: The biggest attraction of this hotel is its casino. You would be able to play any sort of games. Pick anything and it would be there in the casino. The casino is big and adorned with Italian architecture. You will love the atmosphere as you play. You can drink and play your heart out. One word of caution is if you are less than 21 years old, then you need one parent with you to enter. The cost of this hotel and casino is a little higher as this is a 5 star hotel casino and the experience you would get here won’t be available anywhere else.
  • Other amenities: You need to book earlier because most of the time, you won’t get any room if you book from the counter. There are 4027 rooms in the hotel casino. Limo car service is available. You will also be able to enjoy a nice hair cut in the hair salon. You will also be able to buy gifts from gift shops. You will also be able to take advantage of outdoor pools and laundry facilities. Remember that you won’t be allowed with pets. So be careful if you have them with you before checking in. Moreover, the entire place is huge; so you can take a stroll around to see the magnificent architecture and beautiful lightings. To enter or check in you need to hve Government issued photo id proof.