Visit Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia

Heritage and culture

As we all know Macau was under Portuguese until 1999, it has a blend of European and Asian culture and history which makes the sightseeing in Macau very interesting. One can start his tour from Taipa village which hosts several museums and has preserved cultural relics from the past.

After visiting Taipa village our professional guide led us to Rua Do Cunha a street famous for authentic Macau snacks and beautiful architecture from the past. The street has also old houses of local families and senior civil servants.

I would advise you to enjoy the aura of the street with coffee and bun which is truly delicious.

Macau tour with buffet lunch

Macau tour has lot to offer to visitors who has a taste for old churches, forts and monuments. History centre at Macau is exotic as it has mementos and historical articles from all over the world./p>

The Macau tour includes sightseeing of St Paul fort, and the ruins of old city walls built by Portuguese.

Buffet lunches at elite restaurants of the city are the key attraction point of tourists. I observed that these buffet lunches at restaurants has large variety of cusuines displayed at the same place.

Optical dinner, nightlife and casinos

After visiting the historic centre of Macau, one can visit one of the numerous casinos present in the city and can try their luck. Our tour guide took us to Venetian casino which is the most flamboyant casinos of the city.

Macau looks spectacular at night time. As the sun sets the dazzling nightlife comes to action.

The glamorous hotels like Broadway and Galaxy are perfect destination for dinner and experiencing the night life of Macau as these hotels have great mix of sumptuous local and international cuisines.

My guide told me that Macau tour is not complete without viewing coati strip and glitzy studio city Macau.

After a busy day viewing the beauty of Macau you can lay back and enjoy yourself at Venetian resort and enjoy the serenity and beauty of the compound.

Unforgettable bus tour through the city

Bus tour both in night and day is mesmerizing in the city. Open bus tour on the top of a double-decker bus is exceptional as I felt that I am on the top of the world. These panoramic views from the top of the bus are gorgeous.

I was fascinated to see golden lotus square, Kun Lam statue, Macau tower, and Chinese and Portuguese architecture displayed by hotel Lisboa.

All these points I witnessed from the top of the bus, which was memorable.

The Macau fisherman’s wharf was the most beautiful site, which we saw during our bus ride.

Have a sip of coffee while revolving at the height of 731 feet

The Macau tower’s 360 degree revolving café allows you to see breathtaking views while sipping on a coffee. You can see whole city from the tower. The tower has high speed elevators and observation decks, which gives you full worth of the money spend on the place.

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